With an estimated 70,000 accredited angel investors in the alumni base, the Carolina Angel Network provides a new mechanism for engaging these individuals with UNC’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Carolina Angel Network (CAN) is designed to help close that gap by connecting alumni, donors, parents and other members of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s entrepreneurial community with promising UNC-affiliated, early-stage, private companies for the purpose of providing advice and funding. The CAN operation will facilitate these transactions through screening of investment opportunities, conducting due diligence through both outside contacts and student teams (MBA, Law, PhD) and facilitating the communication between CAN members and company representatives. 


The management of the Carolina Angel Network is fully aware of the funding gap for early stage and startup businesses, and is committed to being part of the solution for Carolina affiliated entrepreneurs.

Membership Criteria

Members must be accredited investors and have an affiliation with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This affiliation may be in the form of an alumnus, the parent of an alum, faculty member, employee, or donor. Members of the Carolina Angel Network are expected to be active in the network, which can include the following:

Actively source investment opportunities for the group.

Where the member has specific skills or expertise, collaborate and contribute to the diligence process and investment decisions on relevant opportunities.

Provide support and guidance for portfolio companies based on experience and expertise.

Investment Criteria

The Carolina Angel Network seeks to partner with companies that meet the following criteria:

Raising Funds. Raising seed or series A equity capital of $100,000 to $3 million
or syndicating later-stage equity financings with an existing institutional lead investor.

UNC Affiliation. Company must have a founder or executive who is a UNC alumnus, faculty, staff, student, or parent or have licensed a technology from the university.

United States Based Company. The company must be headquartered in the United States.

Carolina Angel Investment Fund

The Carolina Angel Investment Fund consists of philanthropic contributions that are targeted at entrepreneurship across the Carolina community. At the discretion of the Screening Committee, the Fund will match angel member investments in each CAN investment, with matching amounts. All investment gains on the fund are returned to the University. UNC has committed $2 million to the fund.

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